Quarter Hour, ‘double Fusee Movement’ Clock Mechanism With Cuckoo And Quail

| September 17, 2019 |
Quarter hour, Double Fusee Movement clock mechanism with cuckoo and quail. The subject of my auction is very rare, quarter hour, Double fusee movement clock mechanism. This brass mechanism is for the cuckoo and quail clocks. The mechanism come from the first half of the XIX century.It was manufactured by the German company Furderer Jaegler Co. The quail speaks every quarter and full hour. For full hour the quail and cuckoo speaks with the gong the right number of times. Dimensions:Height – 7.87 inchesTotal height with the wires – 11.02 inchesWidth - 7.09 inches Total width – 8.67 inchesDepth – 2.36 inches Total depth – 3.94 inches THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND HAPPY BIDDING THE OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING FOR POSTAGE QUOTATION.

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